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    Ichthus School West Campus Face to Face Reopening

    Ichthus Schools is a leading Christian education institution which provides a well rounded education encompassing both a comprehensive curriculum and social, character and spiritual development.

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    Reopening Ichthus School South Campus

    Reopening of Ichthus School South Campus Oct 2021 After online learning for 1.5 years.

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    Introduction to Ichthus Schools

    lchthus School offers an international curriculum and is a school that is based on Christian values. We have two campuses in Jakarta. We strive to recognise and develop each child's God-given gifts through our team of passionate teachers as well as our nationally and internationally accredited curriculum. We celebrate 20 years of transforming lives, and have seen many amazing transformation stories in our graduating alumni. Let us be part of writing the amazing transformation story of your child. Come and schedule a visit to Ichthus School today.